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Time:04:05 pm
Wow, two SNews community posts in one day!

For those of you still living, working, eating and breathing in the E.L. area you may be able to help me out.


Maybe you know someone that can.

My boyfriend/domestic partner is moving to Washington. He is currently renting a house in Lansing tho and can't really move until he finds someone to take on his part of the lease. The sooner he finds someone (i'm guess probably not until January) the sooner he can move.

The house is a duplex. He has two roommates on the top and two he actually share the bottom part of the house with. It's a pretty big/nice/new place. It's right next to Potter Park Zoo.

$250ish a month
Own LARGE room
Own parking spot (lots of backyard/street parking)
Close CATA stop down the street
Only pay DSL, electricity
WONDERFUL, awesome people to live with
Perfect for someone on a tight budget/and/or on internship for fall

Questions? 517-449-4122 (YES, I still have my EL cell number)

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Time:01:00 pm
From a friend of mine:

I apologize in advance for abusing these mailing lists in this message.
BUT, it might be critical to my life; I'm serious; so here goes.

My band just posted it's first track off our new album that comes out this
December 3rd. We were produced by this hot shot in Miami that did a bunch
of stuff for New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional. So, with this,
there are these band ranking things. The bands that receive the most plays
go up on a list, and the best of the best get featured on the main page.
Our goal for today (being Monday) is 10,000 plays. I need everybody in the
news to go check out our songs and play them. Hopefully some of you like
them, but even if you don't, playing them for 1 second still helps us out.

Thanks so much everybody. We/I definitely appreciate it and I'll buy you
all nice things if we go big ;)



John from O.D.D.

From me:

John's great and I love the band. Please, pass this on, send the word, download their song (free music!) and help a new artist out!

Crossposted as appropriate.
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Current Music:Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?
Subject:My vote for president
Time:10:39 pm
Current Mood:satisfiedsatisfied

I have tried to avoid posting political discussions on here, but I feel I have to share this. I'm sorry if it's a little long. (I kind of wish I still worked at The State News and could put this on the opinion page.)

Why Bush will not get my voteCollapse )

If you made it through all that, please share your thoughts.

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Time:06:13 pm
For my Michigan Peeps...

Big mistake on the Absentee ballot.

Read all about it here.

The presidential arrows are off by one line... thus the arrow that seems to be pointing to Kerry is actually pointing to Bush.

Very nice, y'all. VERY NICE.

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Current Music:I wanna be your joey ramone
Time:03:24 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I just heard from Beth McCoy the other day, and she said the cutest, most Beth thing I've ever heard, and i just had to share it with you all:

"Things are just peachy here in the Big Easy. It's taken me a little while to get used to things and everything, but I do really like it. New Orleans is an amazing city, and the paper is very cool also. This is totally dorky, but was just thinking the other day how I love the typography at the Times-Picayune. Which is very good, because I don't think I could work at a paper where I didn't like their type usage!"

Anyway, she appears to be happy and healthy, and I thought you'd all appreciate that.

Hope everyone else is the same!

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Subject:Beer Person in 2004!
Time:01:28 pm
This is just a feeble attempt to lobby the SNews to continue the Beer Guy/Girl column for the fall.

The selfish part of me just wants to see my baby continue on from semester to semester, and maybe one day become a mainstay in the Lowdown.

The unselfish part of me wants the younger Spartans to be educated about beer and beer drinking. I got a lot of positive feedback when I wrote it, and I have heard even more good things about Angela's columns.

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Time:02:15 pm
Just a reminder, current S'Newsers: Applications for fall are due tomorrow - Fri. July 23, 2004! E-mail or call if you have questions.
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Time:01:02 am
the IT guy at the Daily Republic is like Dwight in 15 years.

No joke.
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Subject:An obvious solicitation.
Time:06:44 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
So, I've got a laundry list of races I want to do this year. 5K runs, all of them. And they're all for charities.

Most of them will waive your entry fee, if you can get contributions equal to double the fee (or there abouts). I thought perhaps I'd post all my races. If you're interested in making a charitable contribution to any of the organizations, let me know, and how much, and we'll sort how you can get it to me.

I know this isn't what this community is for, and I hope no one minds.

The CalendarCollapse )

So. That's lots of races, and instead of putting up a post every two weeks about the race I'm in THIS fortnight, I thought I'd do it all at once. Please, feel free to and do link to this in your journal if you've got a friends list very different from my own? Not just to save me money on entry fees, hehe, though that would be nice, but because hey, charity is good.
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Current Music:The Police - Scanner
Subject:The Result
Time:10:31 am
Current Mood:Leave the 'Rawkin' to me
Today I'm 'Rawkin' the Sunday A1 and Metro centerpieces.

Here is the Kerry/Edwards bash.

The Metro front.

A splash of politics and a splash of human interest (pulled out of an otherwise boring grant story) for the Sunday readers.

The rest of you Snoozers should start posting your stories, especially if you are working at TSN right now. I've read some awesome stuff from the summer staff. I know everyone is doing some kick ass work. Pipe up and share it.

Quote of the Moment: "We got to get back to Fridays and high school football; things that really make a difference." -Kerry
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